On yer bike!

CLARKSTON folk are being told, in no uncertain terms, to get on their bike.

By way of encouraging people to use both their bikes and the local shops, Clarston BID has teamed up with Cycling Scotland and East Renfrewshire council to launch Cycle Saturdays.

The event kicks off this Saturday at the Mearns Road/Series Road play area in Clarkston.

Sessions for youngster btween the ages of four and eight start at 2pm and end at 3pm while children aged between nine and over will have sessions from 3pm till 4pm.

British Cycling coaches will be there to help out with cycling skills and there will be a unique and challenging timber mountain bike trail supplied by Clarkston businesses.

The trail is suitable for children’s mountain bikes.

But, although they will be travelling on grass, hemets must be worn along with suitable clothing.

Bikes should be road-worthy with fully-inflated tyres and working brakes.

All participants will get free I Love CLARKSTON loyalty cars which give access to numerous special offers around Clarkston town centre.

To register contact Amanda Miller on 0141 577 3773 or e-mail her at amanda.miller@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk.