OLM kids are healthy eating heroes

Photo by Lenny Warren
Photo by Lenny Warren

Fruit and veg are more than welcome on the plates of Our Lady of the Missions Primary pupils following a series of healthy eating classes.

The school’s 120 primary fours were given healthy eating advice through a partnership with Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital, and nutritionist Mary Cotter was on hand to tell the youngsters about the ‘hidden powers’ of those five a day.

Mary explained the benefits of eating different colours of fruit and vegetables, as well as providing a show and tell on exotic eats like dragon fruit and star fruit.

The session ended with the children creating their own superhero fruit or vegetable character — including The Amazing Aubergine and Captain Carrot.

Mary said: “Fruit and veg are a really important part of a child’s diet and I wanted to make the classes informative in a surprising and fun way.

“It was also important to try to make the information relevant to everybody, so, for example, by explaining that green vegetables are an excellent source of energy for those who love to play sports and sunny, yellow and orange vegetables support the health of our eyes, hair, nails and immune systems.”

Julie Neil, OLM teacher and part of the school’s Better Eating, Better Learning team, added: “It’s important we help our children to learn about the benefits of healthy eating so they can make informed choices and the Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital’s nutrition class was a great way of making the subject fun and engaging.”