Foster pet Poppet is saved from death!

Poppet the French Bulldog saved after spinal surgery.
Poppet the French Bulldog saved after spinal surgery.

A three-year-old French bulldog bitch who was destined to be euthanised has been given a new lease of life thanks to southside vets!

The loving pet, who needed specialist spinal surgery, only available at very few treatment centres around the UK, was driven from her home in Edinburgh to Glasgow.

And, it was at Pollockshaws based Pets’n’Vets Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital where Poppet received her life-saving surgery.

Calum Leitch, a post-graduate surgical certificate holder with a wide range of experience in advanced surgeries, was able to examine Poppet before making a decision that they could help before performing the complicated spinal procedure.

Ross Allan, a partner in the business, said: “When we got the call describing Poppet’s situation we knew we had to help.

“The operation was a resounding success and Poppet, following a period of rehabilitation and careful round-the-clock physiotherapy, was soon able to walk around our custom-built exercise area,” said Allan.

“She has now been returned to her foster home and is looking forward to a very bright future.”

French Bulldog Saviours, a non-profit making rescue charity run by volunteers who strive to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French bulldogs knew that Poppet’s life hung in the balance if surgery wasn’t an option.

Mr Allan said: “Spinal surgery is now top of a very impressive list of services available to our clients, locally and at sensible cost.

“Poppet is just one of many pets helped by our new advanced abilities. Thankfully, in this situation we already had a working relationship with FBS. We are so glad that they called and that we were able to help.”