First Papal selfy is outed as a hoax!

Papal selfy outed as a hoax
Papal selfy outed as a hoax

It was billed as Pope Francis’ “first selfie,” drawing thousands of likes and hundreds of gushing comments after it was posted to an Instagram account bearing the Vatican’s name.

But according to Mashable, it turns out the purported pope selfie is, in fact, “a holy fake.”

The image of the smiling pontiff was taken from a video chat Francis participated in last year.

The Instagram account, @Vatican__, posted it Monday along with the caption, “First #selfie #popeFrancis,” generating more than 8,000 likes while duping news outlets, including CNN and Yahoo News. (The account, which has more than 140,000 followers, describes itself as “the official [Instagram] of the Holy See.” The Vatican’s verified Instagram feed has less than 50,000 followers.)

While Pope Francis may not have taken the world’s first papal selfie, he’s ushered in plenty of other firsts, including becoming the first pontiff to tweet.