Objections to phone mast

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CLARKSTON residents have reacted in anger to a proposal for a phone mast near St Joseph’s church.

The plan, now listed on East Renfrewshire council’s website, is for a 14.8 metre telecommunications monopole with six antennae on the pavement adjacent to St Joseph’s church on Busby Road.

The community council, local politicians and Clarkston residents all oppose the plan, citing concerns about health and a loss of character to the area.

In a letter to East Renfrewshire council, Eleanor Kellock, chair of Clarkston community council made her objections known.

“There is no need for yet another telecom pole in an area already well covered.

“There will be a loss of character and amenity in the environs and nearby properties could be devalued”.

Rasim Singh’s mother, Pritamkur, lives near the proposed site.

He told The Extra: “It’s a residential property, she should not be living between a phone mast and a funeral parlour.

“It is unfair. Not only will it be an eyesore but I am extremely worried about the potential health risks”.

Both East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy and Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh say they are against the proposal.

Mr Macintosh stated: “Many local residents are rightly concerned about this phone mast and have contacted me about this proposal before.

“As always, I will be firmly standing behind the people here in Eastwood on this.

“Phone masts should always be located away from residential areas where possible”.

A representative from St Joseph’s church refused to comment on the possible phone mast.

A spokesman for Vodafone said he was surprised at the objections, as prior to submitting the application, he claimed, Vodafone and 02 consulted with MSPs, councillors, community councillors and neighbouring properties, receiving an objection only from St Joseph’s church.

He added “In the last 12 months there has been significant increase in the demand for mobile broadband and we have identified that we need to improve the 3G coverage to customers in Clarkston.

“In order to meet this demand, we have proposed a new, shared 3G base station on Busby Road.

“We originally had a planning application turned down for a site at the same location, but we used the feedback from the council to redesign the site to ensure that visual intrusion is minimised”.