Now we have Gregory’s Book!

John Gordon Sinclair will appear at The Avenue.
John Gordon Sinclair will appear at The Avenue.

For many, he will always be remembered as the gangly, lovelorn youth obsessed with a beautiful, and talented, female football player named Dorothy.

However the name John Gordon Sinclair is, these days, becoming as much associated with novels as it is with films.

The iconic film, Gregory’s Girl, was released 33 years ago and although Mr Sinclair has been seen in scores more films (including World War Z), it is for this one he will no doubt be remembered.

Now the actor/author is heading to The Avenue Shopping Centre to launch his second book, Blood Whispers.

The book tells the story of Kaltrina Dervishi — a prostitue on the run from Serbian gang leader Fisnik Abazi.

Kaltrina is also being persued by the cops, who want her to give evidence against the Serbian thug.

It is down to Kaltrina’s lawyer, Keira Lynch, to try and alter an inevitable outcome.

John Gordon Sinclair will make a guest appearance at Primavera Bistro — organised by Waterstone’s — on Friday between 7pm and 8.30pm.