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SFGS Roger Dean
SFGS Roger Dean

In the early 90’s, Johnny Cash appeared to be a relic of a bygone era, cast aside on the cultural scrapheap and ignored by a new generation of music fans.

That was until the indefinable Cash began a resurgence, thanks to his work with producer Rick Rubin in the now legendary American Recordings.

It is with these albums, where Cash hauntingly interprets work from artists as diverse as Glen Danzig, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nine Inch Nails, that the singer endeared himself to a whole new legion of fans.

Cash was further cemented as a fixture in mainstream popular culture thanks to Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the songwriter in 2005 Oscar nominated film Walk the line.

Now, when Roger Deans plays his Johnny Cash tribute act, he looks into the crowd and sees people of all different ages.

His audience represents those who caught on to Cash throughout his evolution and reinvention.

From those were fans from the first notes of Hey Porter in the 50’s, to those who’s interest was sparked by the renowned prison albums, to fans of his stint in The Highwayman, all the way up to his younger fans who have been introduced in the last decade.

Mr Deans told The Extra: “Johnny has everlasting appeal because he’s a storyteller with unparalleled magnetism and people can identify with him.

“He had a rollercoaster of a life where he fell in and out of fashion. He picked up a whole new generation of fans while maintaining the loyalty of those who were there from the beginning.

“Thanks to this fanastic mix of people, there’s a wonderful atmosphere at my shows. There’s something for everyone, through his songs we tell the story of the man. From Cry, Cry, Cry to Jackson, to Hurt”.

Roger Deans has been a fan of Cash since he was 12 years old, when he heard Tennessee flat top box on the radio and it encouraged him to learn guitar.

By 14, he appeared live on BBC TV show All you’re own and made his name on several radio shows, where he played Cash songs.

Now, after a long and varied career in showbusiness, he’s back to playing the hits and telling stories of the Man in Black, with the help of the rest of his five-piece band.

You can see Roger Dean sing The Johnny Cash story, the live music show which includes the hits A boy named Sue”, Ring of fire, Orange blossom special and I walk the line on Friday at 7.30pm, at The Pavilion .

Tickets from £14, phone 332 1846 to book.