No Smoking Day is key to quitting cigs

No Smoking Day is the catalyst for many ceasing their tobacco habit.
No Smoking Day is the catalyst for many ceasing their tobacco habit.

No Smoking Day 2016 takes place on Wednesday, March 9. This year’s event will see a big push to get smokers who want to quit, started on their path to being ‘Proud Quitters’.

In support of No Smoking Day, East Renfrewshire Smokefree Community Services will be out and about locally on March 9.

Practitioners will be dropping in at various venues with Stubbs, the Smokefree Community Services mascot giving out information and advice on how to quit.

And, from week beginning March 7, No Smoking Day information points will be available at Barrhead Council Main Street, Barrhead Health and Care Centre, Barrhead Foundry and Auchenback Resource Centre.

Councillor Alan Lafferty, East Renfrewshire convener for social care and health said: “Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. The benefits are almost immediate and include improvements in blood pressure, and breathing.

“Quitting also helps your finances with smokers saving on average almost £3,000 a year if they quit.”

“If you have tried to stop smoking before and been unsuccessful, keep trying. With the right help and support you can be successful and win your battle against cigarettes and tobacco.

“Take the opportunity to come along to an information stand where you will be able to access information and tips on stopping smoking.”

There is also useful support and advice online at and or on the council web site at