No respite for campaigners as plans resurface

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A DEVELOPMENT threat looms on East Renfrewshire’s greenbelt just days after an original proposal was withdrawn.

Last week, The Extra revealed plans for 36 houses and 12 flats by CALA homes were brought to an end.

However, this week it emerged that all may not be well for defenders of Eaglesham’s rolling hills.

A council spokesman confirmed: “A representation has been lodged by CALA into the Proposed Local Development Plan, seeking release of green belt for housing for a larger site that incorporates the planning application land.

“This is likely to be considered in due course by the LDP Reporter at Examination (to be held late 2013, with results expected untill 2014).

West of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw told The Extra: “There is simply no appetite in East Renfrewshire for greenbelt development as the rejection of CALA’s recent planning application has demonstrated.

“The Council need to stop inviting a greenbelt auction and should stand firm protecting one of East Renfrewshire’s most prized assets.”

Local MSP Ken Macintosh added: “It is disappointing then that instead of letting the matter lie, they are now trying to get the local development plan changed to allow the development.

“Developers must realise that the green belt is there for a reason and it is not land ripe for the picking by them”.