No growing pains

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PREPARATIONS are underway for this year’s “Ready,Steady, Grow!” event.

This time, it is set to be bigger than ever - as it is Pollokshields 150th anniversary.

The mini garden festival started in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength in the years since.

Several local community groups have clubbed together to turn locations across Pollokshields - including Maxwell Park, Leslie Street greenspaces, East Pollokshields Quad and St Andrew’s drive deck access flats - into a green wonderland.

After last year’s event, community councillor Lisa Peebles (37) told The Extra:“The event showcases the huge diversity and community spirit in the area. “It was made to promote the green element of Pollokshields but it has also managed to really demonstrate how unique and diverse it is”.

Ready Steady Grow - which held this year on June 5 - is a collaboration of community based groups across Pollokshields, keen to improve and protect the public amenity greenspace.

The groups, which include the Friends of Maxwell Park and Pollokshaws heritage, meet throughout the year to plan the event, and keep each other up to date with local concerns and issues.

Last year on June 6, more than 2000 residents flocked to the event to see circus skills, edible plants and learn how to plot hanging baskets.

The event gets back to Pollokshields roots as the area was Scotland’s first garden suburb. Built on the land of the Stirling Maxwell estate, work on villas, tenements and public buildings began in 1851

Councillor David Meikle said: “Pollokshields is the finest example of a planned garden suburb anywhere in the UK.

“The area has a wonderful history and is famous for its tree lined streets, beautiful green space and stunning buildings. It is home to a variety of community groups and vibrant events and is a great place to live and work”.

Meanwhile, to further mark the anniversary, funding has been awarded by Glasgow City Council to produce three booklets on Pollokshields.

The first two will be heritage walks and the third will be information on the architecture in Pollokshields.

GCC is also planning to publish an information booklet on Maxwell Park.

As part of the celebration, Pollokshields Heritage will take a guided bus tour on Sunday June 5. To book, contact