No change in Langside

THE Greens have called for answers following Glasgow city council’s gaffe which resulted in a Langside recount.

It was much ado about nothing, as the results in the recount were unchanged.

However, Green co-leader Martin Bartos is “very concerned’’ that the situation could have arisen at all.

“We have been asking questions about how this happened and are waiting for a full report into this from Mr Black”.

In the original count, Susan Aitken (SNP) and Archie Graham (Labour) were elected at the first stage and presumed to be safe in any recount, but Liam Hainey — who was elected at stage eight — could have lost his seat.

After Tuesday, the result remained intact and Liam Hainey’s status as a councillor was not at risk.

The recalculation of ballots took place after a number of papers were not properly registered and scanned during the count on May 4.

As a result, GCC’s returning officer won permission from Glasgow sheriff court to re-run the calculation.

Councillor Hainey told The Extra: “I am are pleased that all of the voters of Langside have had their ballots counted”.

Returning officer George Black is expected to give a full report to the council during a meeting today.

He said: “As the returning officer I am responsible for the running of the election and the count and I want to take this opportunity to apologise for any concern”.