Next stop, stardom for Eaglesham lass

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Young musician Brittany Davies will take on Manchester this weekend after making it to the area finals of TeenStar UK.

The Eaglesham girl (14) made The Extra last month after wowing judges at the regional finals with one of her own songs.

Brittany was one of five acts picked out of 20 to go on to the North West England and Scotland heat, thanks to her performance of Stay Strong — penned in honour of a close family friend battling cancer.

The Mearns Castle pupil — who plays the guitar and drums and is now learning the keyboard and ukulele — told The Extra: “I wrote my first song when I was seven, but only started writing again a few years ago.

“The songs I’ve written are about things that are happening in my personal life — I wrote this one for our friend, in the hope it would lift her spirits.”

The budding young star admits she was nervous at the last heat amid a high standard of competition, but that making it through to the next stage, and a bigger venue, are challenges she’s eager to tackle — despite just getting over a bout of laryngitis.

She said: “About 15 relatives and friends are coming along.

“I’m excited and nervous. It’s my first time in Manchester and it’s a bigger venue — but that means more people will hear my song too.”

The TeenStar competition — run by Future Music, a name behind numerous household names — may prove to be a stepping stone for Brittany, as the youngster hopes to be involved in the music industry one day.

And it seems that fame isn’t far away, as mum Kim commented: “She had a lot of people coming up to her before the competition to wish her all the best as they had seen her in The Extra — it gave her a real boost.”

Eaglesham lass Brittany takes to the stage in Manchester on Sunday — and we’re sure it’ll be a knockout performance from East Renfrewshire’s own TeenStar.