Newford Grove nursery goes ahead despite local opposition

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Plans for a new nursery at Newton Grove, Clarkston, have been approved by East Renfrewshire Council despite opposition from neighbours.

Campaigners battled ERC last year on a proposal which they said would cause traffic congestion and affect local wildlife.

Councillors rejected the proposal in June, with a council spokeswoman commenting that ERC would “take some time to look at different options”.

Residents had submitted a counter proposal — but following “additional studies”, the planning committee voted in favour of work going ahead on the original site.

An ERC spokeswoman said: “A transport appraisal carried out by independent external transport consultants found that the original design scored higher in terms of road safety than the alternative location proposed by residents.

“Residents’ concerns have been fully considered and we hope they are reassured by our independent experts’ findings. We can assure them that we will work to minimise the impact of additional traffic, and there will be no threat to the ecology of the Newford Grove site.”

Campaigners have been in touch with East Ren MP Kirsten Oswald, who responded saying that she too had concerns over “traffic movements, especially of larger vehicles — we are all aware of the difficulties that have already been experienced within Newford Grove.

“I agree with the residents’ view that taking traffic for the new centre down to the furthest point possible in Newford Grove is not the right thing to do.”