New year, new you

LESS than a week after the clock struck 12 and locals welcomed in 2011, The Extra caught up with readers to find out what their New Year's resolutions were.

Donald Lee — a 53-year-old ERC council worker from Barrhead — thinks resolutions are a "complete load of rubbish".

His sentiment is shared by 38-year-old customer advisor Jatinder Singh from Newton Mearns, who thinks the turn of the New Year is "just another day".

More in the spirit were Sandy and Nancy Grant.

The 77-year-old Mr Grant from Clarkston wants to "cut back on drink" while his 73-year-old wife simply wishes to "lose a wee bit of weight".

Dowanhill doctor Euan Black (26) said: "I already stay quite fit but my 2011 resolution is to add some muscle".

Louise Krause from Darnley has one goal for 2011.

The 52-year-old said: "I just want to stay happy".

While daughter Mishka (19), a languages student, is already some way towards achieving her resolution.

She added: "I've not seen enough of the world so I want to travel more.

"I've just been accepted for a year abroad at a Spanish University so that will be one country ticked off my list".

Accountant Alan Tilston (23) from Anniesland also wants to embrace Latin culture.

He detailed: "I want to see more live music, learn a bit of Spanish and test it out on holiday during the summer".

Gillian Evans — a 22-year-old audio typist from Neilston, shopping with her daughter Anna — said: "I am normally good at keeping resolutions, last year I decided to quit smoking and I haven't touched a cigarette since.

"This year I'm going to try to cut down on chocolate, although that could be tougher".

Students from Newton Mearns - Amy Ruddock, Lana Armstrong and Laura Walker – have varying goals for the new year.

The 21-year-old Miss Armstrong wants to "grow up and start acting like an adult" but Miss Ruddock (17) wants to enjoy her youth and "make the most of turning 18".

However, business student Laura Walker has been spurred on by television and her viewing of "The Apprentice".

She told The Extra: "I want to put what I learn at Strathclyde into practice and become a success in business".

Joyce Winning (63) a librarian from Giffnock has some lofty goals for the New Year, as she wants "make the world a better place by helping others".

A man with more humble aims for 2011 is Milne Mackenzie (65) who, following the cold snap, said "all I want to do is make sure I stay warm"