New Women’s Institute needs a southside home

There will be more to the Southside WI than victoria sponge - if the group can find a venue
There will be more to the Southside WI than victoria sponge - if the group can find a venue

A southsider is on a mission to create a new and inclusive Women’s Institute for Shawlands — but first, she needs a base in the community.

Angela Tamburrini hopes to bring women of all ages together to prove that there’s more to the WI (known in Scotland as the Women’s Rural Institute) than Victoria Sponges.

But Angela has hit a stumbling block, in that there are no suitable spots for the new WI to get together and cook, or even bring in a kettle to make a cup of tea.

She told The Extra: “There are restrictions on kitchen access. I even tried a local school but their home economics rooms aren’t available to hire.

“It’s such a shame that there isn’t any dedicated community space in Shawlands.

“It would be nice to have somewhere to share a bit of community spirit.”

The WI hopefuls met with councillor David Meikle this week.

He suggested getting in touch with Langside Hall — however, the same rules apply at the historic hall.

With proposals to invest in the hall and create a civic space in front of it, Angela hopes that the women of Shawlands will benefit.

She added: “The Women’s Institute is trying to change its image — moving away from Victoria Sponges a bit, although there’s nothing wrong with the odd cake!

“There’s nothing like this in Shawlands — nowhere for women to meet up, unless you join a diet class or a gym, which implies you’re trying to change or you’re not good enough.

“I thought, what about having a group of like-minded women who can get together, have a coffee, maybe do something for charity — even knit, which is becoming fashionable again. All are welcome — and that’s why we need to find premises that are conducive to anyone who wants to join, including ladies who are infirm, or maybe in wheelchairs.

“I want to make it as inclusive as possible — a friendly and inspiring environment.”

Anyone interested in joining Angela for a new southside Women’s Institute can contact her on