New health centre for Eastwood?

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The wheels are in motion for a new Eastwood health centre and Douglas Yates hopes it can be delivered by “the end of 2015”.

The convener for social care and health believes the Eastwood facility is “something we are determined to deliver”.

“Affordability will be key but I am optimistic we can pull together a financial package to make it work.

“It has to be right, we want a facility that is not just adequate but a blessing for the whole community in the future.

“I hope, if everything comes together in terms of finances, we will be able to deliver this proposal within four years”.

As calls grow to replace the current Clarkston clinic, partners involved met last week to discuss the proposals.

If they go ahead, a new Eastwood health and care centre would replace the current facility in Clarkston.

East Renfrewshire’s community health and care partnership are investigating the feasibility of producing a health centre similar to the one in Barrhead, in Eastwood.

Anne Dean, GMB rep at the current Clarkston clinic, thinks the move cannot come soon enough.

She told The Extra: “Staff will be over the moon once we have new premises, it’s been a long time coming.

“The clinic is well past its sell by date with inadequate parking and a number of health and safety issues in terms of access.

“The building has no lift which makes it more difficult for us to care for disabled patients.

“The NHS has moved on and the population has grown, we need a new facility”.

Local MSP Ken Macintosh added his voice to the calls to replace the Clarkston clinic.

He said: “Healthcare is shifting to prevention and primary care. Eastwood lacks a facility capable of handling that, along with growing life expectancy.

“Local people have been campaigning for this for a long time and it’s about time their needs were recognised”.

CHCP chiefs have been scoping out the requirements for replacing Clarkston Clinic by undertaking a footfall survey of patients who attend Clarkston Clinic, to better understand how it is used, where the patients who use the clinic live, and how they travel to the clinic.

The proposed centre would include space for GP surgeries alongside other CHCP (Community Health Care Partnership) facilities, with funding through the council and NHS capital planning process.