New designs for baths revealed

Govanhill Baths
Govanhill Baths

After 15 years of campaigning, Govanhill Baths is due to reopen in late 2018.

Architects will be revealing the designs for the refurbished building at a celebration next week which includes a community dinner, live music, 3D digital tour of the new design and live art installations

Govanhill Baths Community Trust are opening their doors to the wider public to reveal the new designs of the refurbished Baths on Thursday, June 2 from 3-8pm.

After 15 years of campaigning, the Trust have secured enough funding to reopen the Baths as a working swimming and wellbeing centre. As one of the most iconic community empowerment stories in Scotland’s history, this design reveal is a symbolic victory not to be missed.

There will be a community dinner hosted by the Govanhill Free Dinner in the Big Pool, Slovakian desserts from local families, tours of the whole building with volunteer tour guides, a live dialectogram of Govanhill Baths’ new design from illustrator Mitch Miller, a wash house archive exhibition and a 3D digital tour of the new design with the architects.

Entertainment will be provided by children from the Big Noise Orchestra, the strings group from Irish Heritage Foundation, Roma trio, and Scottish pop group Randolph’s Leap.

This event is free and open to the public, and all are invited to celebrate the exciting future of this building.