New campaign against ugly drunks

PUBS and off-sales — along with the general public — are in the front line of the latest move to halt boozed-up bust-ups.

The Don’t Fuel Anti-Social Behaviour initiative, supported by East Renfrewshire council, urges residents to report more incidents to police, in the hope of stamping out the problem of fights, noise pollution and rowdy actions.

The focus is on alcohol as a contributory factor — although the police authority claims a significant drop in incidents involving booze over the past five years.

Nonetheless, police are distributing advertising for the campaign — much of it through social media — reminding residents to act responsibly themselves and not buy alcohol for youngsters.

The scheme will also target bar and off-sales workers, encouraging them not to sell alcohol to someone who is already drunk.

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire council said: “Reducing the amount of alcohol getting into the hands of underagers can play a key role in reducing anti-social behaviour and ultimately keep our community safe”.

More information on the campaign is available at, or by following on Facebook (/strathclydepolice) and Twitter (@keeppeoplesafe), using the hashtag #DontFuelASB.