New bins are to stall uplifts until October

New wheelie bins waiting to be delivered
New wheelie bins waiting to be delivered

Bags and boxes are being banished from East Ren bin collections, to make way for wheelie bins and a new three-week collection service.

But to prepare for the new service the uplift of non-statutory bulky items is being suspended until Wednesday, October 5.

The changes bring the area into line with the rest of the country, and aim to answer complaints about rubbish bags and boxes being blown away in high winds.

They’re also said to be set to make inroads on the area’s recycling figures, making it easier for residents to dispose of a wider range of materials than before.

Most East Ren homes will receive two new wheeled bins as part of the new three-weekly collection service starting in the first week of October - a blue one for paper, cardboard and cartons and a green one for plastics, glass and cans.

The council says the new bins have greater capacity than the old containers, meaning householders will now be able to recycle items such as empty aerosol cans, clean aluminium foil, cardboard boxes, egg boxes and various cardboard containers.

Around 6,000 of the new bins have arrived and more will follow during the next five weeks.

The council argues that as it will be easier for people to recycle “much more” of their household waste, there will be a reduction in the amount of rubbish disposed of in grey bins - meaning they will need to be collected less often.

There will be no change to the brown bin service, so food and garden waste will still be collected every week.

In 2015 East Renfrewshire recycled 56.8 per cent of all local household waste, but 20,000 tonnes still went to landfill - and it’s estimated 15 per cent of it could be recycled.