New bid to keep people out of danger site

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East Renfrewshire Council has issued the latest in a long line of warnings to people who risk their lives on a notoriously dangerous field.

Problem site Braidbar Quarry continues to pose a threat years after the collapse of a venture which would have seen the area finally made safe in return for new housing permission.

The lurking threat in the heart of Giffnock looks like an ordinary grassy meadow, but underneath is a warren of unstable quarry works that pose a potentially lethal danger to anyone stupid enough to ignore the ‘keep out’ signs.

Now the council says that despite regular inspections of the fence around the site, and the warning signs, some local reisdents are still “breaking in” to the danger zone.

The authority is working with police in a bid to get the safety message out more effectively, in particular to dog walkers and groups of youths who are said to be known to gain illegal access to the site.

Council leader Councillor Jim Fletcher said: “The land at Braidbar Quarry is unstable and unsafe to walk on, as there is a risk it could subside.

“There are warning signs at the site and we have erected strong fences around it to keep people out, yet

people are still breaking in and potentially putting themselves at risk.

“We carry out a weekly inspection for vandalism at the site and have replaced sections of the fence which people have broken down and in addition putting extra fencing in place.

“I cannot emphasise strongly enough to stay clear of this area. The signs and fences are there to protect you.”

Sergeant Edward McLemon at Giffnock Police Office said: “We urge everyone to heed the warning signs in this part of Huntly Park.

“The quarry area is fenced off from the public for a reason. There are inherent dangers that are not obvious and we strongly advise people to stay away from the quarry. ”