Netherlee kids drive home a safety message

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Netherlee Primary School pupils were only too happy to team up with the police for a ‘demo’ designed to make drivers think twice about dangerous parking.

It happens in many areas of Scotland, and sometimes even the threat of fines isn’t enough to put a stop to it.

But maybe, just maybe, parents who clog the school entrance and put safety at risk will take notice when the pupils themselves draw attention to it.

Eight Junior Road Safety Officers (pupils selected by the school) made banners and posters to highlight the dangers of inconsiderate parking and congestion at the school.

Campus officer Constable Ryan Moffat, who helped the children set up their demonstration, said:

“As is the case in a lot of schools, the traffic around Netherlee Primary can get heavily congested especially during the school run.

“That’s when children are being either dropped off in the morning or picked up in the afternoon.

“Cars routinely park on the pavement, double park or cause a bottleneck in the car park. making it dangerous for those on foot getting to and from the school.

“The pupils hope that if they, rather than police or the council, make the appeal, people will take heed and be more considerate during the school run.”

Community Wardens, responsible for enforcing the parking legislation, were also there along with an environmental health officer from Glasgow City Council who deals with emissions from cars whose engines are left running.

Constable Moffat said: “We want parents and guardians to think about the safety of all the children, not just their own, and to be aware of the dangers their driving behaviour can have.

“We all would like to encourage less traffic congestion, especially in the car park at the school, and to make the area a safer place for all.”