Mum’s the word in East Ren

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EAST Renfrewshire is the top area in the UK for births to older mums, according to a recent study.

At 34 per cent, East Renfrewshire is one of only five parts of the UK where 30% or more of births are to women over 35.

In Scotland as a whole, birth rates for women aged between 40 and 44 increased by 71%, while at the same time there was a 24% fall in the number of children born to mothers under 20.

East Renfrewshire councillor Vincent Waters said: “This is likely down to the people who tend to live in East Renfrewshire. We have a more stable population — people tend to come to East Ren and stay there.

“Many within the area have significant careers so may delay the decision to have children.

“This reflects woman taking on a more important role in the workplace and that is undoubtedly a good thing.”

Speaking on The Extra’s Facebook page, reader Lyn Cross added: “Quite often you will find in East Ren that most mothers have established their careers before starting a family.”

The study was carried out by The Royal College of Midwives — and Scottish director Gillian Smith warns that older women may be more at risk during their pregnancy.

She said: “They might be more prone to having pre-eclampsia or needing a caesarean section. They also have an increased risk of stillbirths.

“In their mind what they are doing is providing the best future for their child.

“However, they are probably giving little thought as to how their body will react.”

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