Much-neeeded ramp is another good deed for ER Good Causes

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A Glasgow man can now visit family gatherings in East Renfrewshire, thanks to part-funding from East Renfrewshire Good Causes.

The charity provided half the cost of a ramp — worth £500 — for the severely disabled adult.

The man lives independently, and his own house has been refurbished by his local authority — and now, he can visit his family home too, thanks to a further boost from the community charity.

ERGC founder Russell Macmillan explained: “There are some needs in our community that we can expect and hope for the state to provide — and it has done a fine job in upgrading this man’s property.

“But this case also falls within the charity sector and, in following my Christian faith, there is no greater joy than to love your neighbour — this is fine example of that.

“This person can now go to family gatherings without having to be helped through the door of his family home.

“I’d like to thank East Renfrewshire Council’s social work department for referring the family to us, recognising that it was a genuine need that we could help with.”

Mearns man Russell — who founded Good Causes in 2007 as a means of giving back to his community following a life-saving double transplant — featured in The Extra recently calling for more grassroots funds amid government budget cuts.