MSP urges: shop local

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A SOUTHSIDE MSP is campaigning for residents to shop locally.

Glasgow Cathcart MSP James Dornan visited J Lupton’s, a family-run butcher in his constituency, where the business has seen a surge in trade following revelations about horse meat in the food chain.

Mr Dornan said: “If there is any silver lining in this horse meat scandal it is that people are returning to their local butchers where they know they can be assured that the beef they’re buying is 100 per cent genuine. It’s clearly labelled so they’re able to see where the meat has come from and the journey it has made from the farm gate to the plate.

“Following the horse meat scandal, I wanted to find out what impact it has had on trade in the local butchers. I was reassured to see that trade is healthy, and in the wake, their business is benefiting from customers looking for both quality and assurance.

“Scottish Beef has a deserved reputation for quality and provenance and now is a good time for people to return to their local butcher to ensure they get the best of beef along with a high quality service.”

He added: “Lupton’s has been a part of the local community for many years and I’m delighted to see them continue to thrive.”

Jeff Lupton, based on Cathcart Road, added: “We’ve seen a boost to our business following the horse meat saga, with people who had previously shopped with us now returning to buy their meat locally.

“The advantage that we can offer our customers is full traceability: every piece of meat is labelled with place of origin.

“We offer high quality meat that is 100 per cent the real thing, and we’re encouraged to see new people backing their local butcher.”

Speaking on our Facebook page, southsiders offered their thoughts.

Pam Heap said: “There should be chip and pin machines in all local shops or cashpoint machines next door. I shop local when I can but don’t always have cash in my purse.”

Mhairi Briggs added: “Clarkston is full of charity shops and so many shops have had to close down, I’ve heard due to extremely high rental rates.

“We need more variety in the main street but the campaign has to start with reducing the rates for these poor shop owners.”