MP weighs in to long-running care home row

The longrunning campaign to rescue East Renfrewshire’s only public care facility from being sold off was given a lift this week as SNP MP Kirsten Oswald weighed in with her support.

The MP said: “Many constituents have contacted me to tell me they are worried about East Renfrewshire council’s proposal to dispose of Bonnyton House.

“I share their concerns. I have visited Bonnyton House and seen the great work they do for their residents.

“I met with families, and staff, and I know they have put forward a range of plans to secure the future of Bonnyton.

“It would be a great pity if these proposals were not fully considered and this vital local service moved out of local control.

“Bonnyton House is much loved, and for good reason. Let’s keep it that way.”

Her support has been welcomed by campaign leader Allan Smillie.

He said: “Kirsten Oswald is very supportive and we are glad to have her input.”

Mr Smillie is hopeful that the campaign group’s proposals for saving the care home from private ownership will see the light of day as a new joint board has been set up to look into the case and decide the care home’s fate.

He said: “I asked if we could address this committee. We can attend but are not allowed to speak.

“However, chair Ian Lee has agreed to ensure that our plan is circulated to members of the joint board before they meet on October 7.”

Mr Smillie expressed his frustration at an apparent unwillingness of previous committees to consider the campaigners’ alternative 
solution to selling the care home.

He said: “All they need to do is to follow some simple changes and we can not only make the £600,000 budget saving that the council seek to achieve with a sell-off but, by introducing a four-point plan that is definitely feasible, the care home could 
actually make money for the council.

“The council’s other care homes bring money into the budget and we are confident that Bonnyton can, too.”