MP urges residents to have their say

East Ren hope parking charges will improve congestion locally
East Ren hope parking charges will improve congestion locally

Kirsten Oswald MP has called on local residents to make their views known on East Ren Council’s parking proposals.

The Extra previously reported that ERC is proposing to introduce charges across East Renfrewshire, including at Barrhead Foundry, Station Road, Giffnock, Broomburn Shops, Newton Mearn.

Many local residents have been in touch with Kirsten to express concern at the impact the proposed changes would have on users of local leisure facilities, shopping areas, and on residents unable to park outside their homes.

Kirsten commented: “East Renfrewshire Council say the proposals will benefit our town centres, and improve accessibility. These are positive aims, but I am not convinced that charging residents to shop locally, or park outside their homes will achieve this.

“I will be responding to the consultation, encouraging the Council to fully consider the impact on residents, businesses, and leisure facilities, including the Overlee Park area, which would be impacted by the proposed changes.

“I would encourage all local residents to complete the consultation and provide the opportunity for East Renfrewshire Council to hear the range of views and concerns across the community.”

Comments can be emailed to:

A council spokesman said: “Key parking areas across East Ren are in extremely high demand due to the range of competing needs. Effectively managing the parking will improve the turnover of spaces in off street car parks, allowing better access to parking for short-stay leisure and shopping. This is why the council indicated its intention to introduce parking charges last year and will take all feedback received as part of the consultation on board before presenting final proposals to councillors.”