MP pays tribute to victims of the London terrorist attack

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MP pays tribute to the victims of the London terror attack

Kirsten, who was participating in the work of the parliament when the incident started, was about to take part in a vote in the main chamber of the House of Commons.

The business of the House was suspended and MPs were ‘locked in’ the Palace of Westminster, as part of the security plan for such an incident, and were provided with a briefing on the events unfolding outside.

MPs were made aware a Police Officer assigned to guard parliament had been killed, as had the attacker. They were advised there had been a number of deaths and serious injuries among police officers, members of the public, and tourists on Westminster Bridge.

Parliament held a minutes silence at 9.33am on the morning of March 23, in a mark of respect to PC Palmer.

Speaking after a statement by the Prime Minister, and comments from across the House, Kirsten Oswald said: “This was a terrible event to be visited on parliament and on the many thousands of innocent people on the streets of Westminster.

“I express my thanks to the security staff and police who train for such incidents and put themselves in danger every day, to keep others safe. A number were injured in this incident and one paid the ultimate price. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and with all others affected by this horrible attack.

“Such an incident reminds us that, all over the country, members of the police and other emergency services take the risk of personal injury or worse when they go to work. We should all be hugely grateful for their commitment and dedication.

“As the police and security forces examine what lies behind this attack, we should remember that the aim of any terrorist is to disrupt normal life. We must not let that happen, which is why parliament is back sitting today.

“It was fitting that one of the first sessions we held was a statement by the Prime Minister on the attack, during which she paid particular tribute to PC Keith Palmer, the officer who died, and a brave former member of our armed forces.

“I would like to highlight the words of SNP Leader, Angus Robertson, who reminded us that no terrorist outrage is representative of any faith or faith community, and the words of Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she said this was not an Islamic act, but an Islamist act, a perversion of a very great faith.

“I was touched to receive many messages of concern during these events from right across our communities, and I shall be reaching out to local faith groups, inviting them to stand together in the face of this outrage.”