More awards for Louise

Louise Russell, founder of the charity Give a Dog a Bone - and a Home.
Louise Russell, founder of the charity Give a Dog a Bone - and a Home.

A southsider is to be recognised with a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords.

Louise Russell (41) from Clarkston is being recognised for her charity work enabling elderly people to adopt an animal companion in need of a home.

Louise had long supported a variety of charities before coming up with an idea for her own charitable cause, offering funding to lonely elderly people to enable them to cover the costs of adopting a needy animal from a shelter and, if necessary, to cover their pet’s food costs.

After successfully applying for charitable status she founded Give A Dog A Bone almost three years ago. It offers assistance to people over 60 who may need help paying the cost of adopting a pet from a shelter. They can also apply for monthly funding to cover the costs of pet food, thus challenging the problem of loneliness for the elderly and providing forever homes to unwanted or homeless dogs, cats or other rescue animals.

Louise told The Extra: “I have always loved animals and believe that elderly people can make great pet owners and get so much from this themselves.”

Although the role of the charity is not to match elderly people with suitable rescue pets, as Louise’s reputation has spread, she is regularly contacted by the families of bereaved pet owners or those with a terminal illness who ask her to find a home for their pets.

Louise receives her award on October 18 from Baroness Gale and TV’s Bill Oddie.