Mixed response to plans for Clarkston

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Council plans to boost Clarkston’s appeal have met with local responses ranging from cautiously optimistic to downright scathing.

Business improvement group I Love Clarkston has this week been telling residents about a second phase of enhancements designed to make the area “an even better place to live, work and visit”.

A new street layout featuring temporary “parklets”, greenery and seating areas will be trialled along Busby Rd, creating a more pedestrian friendly environment.

Traffic will be reduced to a single lane in each direction, but most on-street parking will remain.

I Love Clarkston reckons the improvements should be in place for the next big local event - the second annual Clarkston Food and Drink on Saturday, August 26.

The pilot scheme will be in place for about a year, and will be periodically reviewed over that time.

Reacting to the news on social media, responses include a complaint that the main road is “an overcrowded bottleneck” and “the last place I would want to relax and eat, among traffic fumes and charity shops”.

The same contributor said the council should address “ridiculously high business rates” before bringing in cosmetic improvements - and “bring the area back to its former self”.

However one local woman says that trialling the plans is a positive move, as is the appeal for constructive feedback to the plans.

Some think the number of charity shops in the area are a problem, with one resident commenting: “When I had my first daughter (30 years ago) I purchased her pram, cot and everything else in Clarkston.

“She got her first shoes from Clarks – you could buy just about anything in Clarkston in those days, now it’s awash with charity shops and eateries”.

Meanwhile there could be good news in the offing for cycling fans, if a hint dropped by Clakrkston BID is any indication .

It says a future announcement could be encouraging for those who think cycling (perhaps with the introduction of a cycle lane?) should form part of the plans.

The council is welcomeing feedback to the plan, and suggestions, by emailing clarkston@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk or phone 0141 577 3371.