MIR talk

A CROWD of almost 300 people met at Mearns Castle on Thursday to begin the campaign to protect East Renfrewshire’s greenbelt.

Jim Sheriff, spokesman for Save the East Renfrewshire Green Belt, said: “The voters of Newton Mearns, Waterfoot, Neilston and Uplawmoor made their views very clear— follow national and regional policy and direct all new development to brown field sites.

“Not one member of the audience spoke in favour of the council’s preferred option to allow major development on the green belt”.

Representatives from ERC’s planning department, who intimated that a release of greenbelt land may be the best option, addressed the audience.

ERC were criticised by the group for “pre-empting the consultation” and “sending out mixed messages” by encouraging developers to build in East Renfrewshire.

The meeting was hosted by Newton Mearns community council.

Their spokesman said: “The aim was partly to demystify the process, as despite ERC’s efforts it was felt that the majority of residents knew little of what was being proposed.” ‘