Minister visits Burrell ahead of world tour

The Burrell Collection can be ‘Scotland’s calling card on the world’ — that’s the hope for the loan scheme set to kick in next year.

The Burrell building will close for refurbishment in October 2016, allowing some works to move to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, while others go on loan to galleries around the world in the hope of attracting overseas benefactors and showcasing the art available in Scotland.

Following a £5 million cash boost from the UK Government, the southside attraction was visited by Scotland Office minister Andrew Dunlop last week.

He said: “We in Scotland already know how blessed we are to have such an abundance of artistic treasures at our disposal — it is now time to show the rest of the world as well.

“Collections like the Burrell are the equal of any to be found in major museums and galleries worldwide. By taking works to those centres of excellence, we can showcase some of the cultural jewels we have here.

“This £5m will not only go towards the overhaul of the building, but will also help support the wider ambitions of the Burrell Renaissance.”

Ahead of next year’s closure and in a separate initiative, the Burrell will be loaning out work by a lesser known Scottish artist — known as the leader of the Glasgow Boys — Joseph Crawhall.

The exhibition Joseph Crawhall: Masterworks from the Burrell Collection will run at the Fleming Collection in London February 4 until March 12 — marking the first time in 25 years that works from the Glasgow collection have made it to London.