Memories of the Polmadie Bridge

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The recent closure of the southside’s Polmadie bridge has sparked fond memories for one Extra reader who was one of the first to cross the bridge in 1955 when if was constructed.

The bridge created a throughway for people from Oatlands area to cross to Glasgow Green and the city centre.

“It was fantastic for us kids to be able to cross over to the Glasgow Green playing grounds,” says Tom Strachan, who went to Wolsely Street Primary at the time.

“Our senior class was the first to cross the new bridge — which was also known as the Kay bridge — and play on the football pitches there.

“Before that we had to go via Shawfield Drive to Bridgeton and cut in at Hutchisonstoun at the Gorbals and the St James bridge.

“The new bridge was a source of great excitement and it was a real boon at the time.

“We were really proud when our class got to cross it first.”

And Tom has another fond connection to the area.

“The bridge came out at St Margaret’s Church where I was christened and the church hall was built entirely by members of its congregation.”