Meikle bows out

TORY councillor and Holyrood candidate David Meikle has pulled out of the city’s regional list ballot in disgust at his party’s failure to investigate vote-rigging allegations.

The Pollokshields politician made the shock announcement this week after Tory bosses snubbed his call to run a new ballot following Malcolm Macaskill’s resignation as their number one candidate.

Mr Meikle will remain a Conservative councillor and candidate for the Glasgow Southside constituency “out of loyalty to local members” who selected him.

But he said: “I was disappointed the party refused to investigate serious allegations of electoral malpractice.

“I was even more dismayed that following the sacking of the number one candidate over an inaccuracy in his CV, the Conservatives took the decision not to rerun the list rankings in Glasgow.

“This is when there are serious question marks over the rankings result because of the mass sign-up of new members and similar voting patterns and handwriting on ballots.

“I therefore refused to sign the regional list nomination forms and resigned from the Glasgow list in protest.

“I remain the Conservative candidate for Glasgow Southside constituency and look forward to fighting the election”.

Chairman of the Scottish Conservatives Andrew Fulton said: “This change arose following discussions between the candidate and the party’s candidates board. As always in internal issues, such conversations are private and we will respect that confidentiality.”

Meanwhile, nominations to stand at the May 5 elections were submitted to returning officers yesterday.

The candidates for Eastwood are Jackson Carlaw, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, Gordon Cochrane, Scottish Liberal Democrat, Ken Macintosh, Scottish Labour Party and Stewart Maxwell, Scottish National Party.

Standing in Glasgow Southside are Stephen Curran, Scottish Labour Party and The Co-Operative Party, Kenneth Carmichael Elder, Scottish Liberal Democrats, David Meikle, Scottish Conservatives and Nicola Sturgeon, SNP.

Glasgow Cathcart candidates are Eileen Baxendale, Scottish Liberal Democrats, James Dornan, SNP, Charlie Gordon, Scottish Labour Party, John McKee, Independent and Richard Sullivan, Scottish Conservative and Unionist.

For Glasgow Pollok, Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour Party and The Co-Operative Party, Andrew Ellis Morrison, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Isabel Nelson, Scottish Liberal Democrats and Chris Stephens, SNP are standing.