Mearns says no

LaurenMack, Kate McLaughlin, Callum Mack and Matthew Jack.
LaurenMack, Kate McLaughlin, Callum Mack and Matthew Jack.

East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy says he thinks Sunday’s demonstration was a “real kick in the shins for the developers”.

However, Neil Gallacher, managing director of Lifetime Recycling Village, maintains that “our final application will reassure people, demonstrate that we have listened to feedback and answer any questions”.

Claudia De Marco and Jane McKendrick

Claudia De Marco and Jane McKendrick

“Scotland faces a huge challenge if it is to meet its renewable energy targets and tackle the problem of landfill. We need to take action.

“Like everyone, we do not support outdated waste management practices like mass burn incineration”.

The local community remain unconvinced, none more so than 14-year-old Shanneen Henderson, who addressed the 2,000 strong crowd on Sunday with her objections to the proposal.

The Mearns Castle pupil who lives in Loganswell, said: “I like where I live, it is quiet with beautiful scenery.

“If the incinerator goes ahead, my whole family will have to move, and we don’t want to. It’s not fair”.

Rhona McAllum, a 12-year-old who left Mearns primary in the summer, also buoyed the crowd with a rousing speech.

She told the crowd: “The proposal is of a scale that has never been seen before anywhere in the world. I don’t want to be their guinea pig. We need to come together and stop this monstrosity from being built”.

The pair were joined in addressing the crowd by Jessica Eagers-Hardie, Harry Stewart, Jim Murphy MP and Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh.

Mr Macintosh issued a rally cry to the developers of “we don’t want your plant, we don’t need your plant and we’ll make sure you don’t get your plant.’’

He added: “LRV have been inconsistent and I don’t believe a word they say. Make no mistake that their proposal will be for a power station, which will be of a larger scale than anything ever seen before in Scotland”.

Parents Claudia De Marco and Jane McKendrick both worry for the “health implications for their children.

Mrs McKendrick added: “It was a great turnout and I hope this means LRV will get the message”.

Protesters were armed with placards voicing their displeasure, with slogans such as “see you later, incinerator” or “inciner-hate”.

The million tonnes of waste a year that would be incinerated by the plant gulfs the 30,000 tonnes produced annually by East Renfrewshire.

Rubbish would come from the surrounding 11 local authority areas, as well as possibly from domestic waste.

n The MET office confirmed that one of the balloons let off as part of the balloon race during the rally has arrived in Inverness.

Loganswell resident Harry Stewart commented: “This just goes to show that the plant could pollute the whole country, never mind just Newton Mearns.

“Everybody in Scotland needs to be aware of this proposal”.