Mearns author’s tale of mystery and romance

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Newton Mearns author Margaret Kapasi is this week celebrating a book launch for her first novel – and also a deal for a sequel.

Under her nom de plume, Jessie Ritchie, the youthful 74-year-old has been quietly distilling the labyrinthine plot of “The House With No Roof” for years.

It draws inspiration from a real life enigma that captured her imagination during her early life in the East Neuk of Fife.

She said: “This has taken some 30 years to come together, and is both a romance story and a mystery, and I’m delighted the sequel has already been accepted – I’ve written 30,000 words of it already”.

In the book, an imposing but derelict mansion stands in its equally neglected estate.

A young doctor, intrigued by the house most of her life, discovers her Great Aunt Jane may be the only person who knows the truth about Leightham House.

Gradually, during many visits to the old lady, the deep secrets unfold behind The House with no Roof with far reaching consequences.

Margaret has clearly enjoyed weaving a tale born of her own life experiences, “particularly the Swinging Sixties”, having trained as a nurse, midwife and health visitor.

She is now technically retired, but having taken up her literary pen – egged on by her eldest daughter – is clearly determined to use her creative talents to the full.

Incorporating many stories told her by her parents and grandparents of the east coast fisherfolk her first novel - available form Amazon - is dedicated to all those who challenge the seas to make a living, and in particular from her beloved Kingdom of Fife.