Martial art gold for teacher

Julie McGavigan with members of the school's karate club
Julie McGavigan with members of the school's karate club
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An East Renfrewshire teacher is the new World Karate Champion.

Julie McGavigan, who works at Eastwood High School, took gold in the global event held in Denmark.

The physics teacher said: “I’ve been teaching karate at the school and I really enjoy it – they’re a great bunch.

“Maybe we’ll have a world champion in the making and another gold medal at Eastwood one day.”

The 27-year-old has been practising karate for 20 years and also teaches the martial art, including a group of pupils from Eastwood High School.

She travelled last weekend to Denmark for a technical camp, where she trained with world-renowned karate expert Yahara Sensei.

Julie then competed in the KWF World Championships Kumite (fighting karate). She took the gold medal on Sunday night.

The school club is part of the Taka Kai Karate Association. Julie also teaches at clubs in Glasgow.

Now, following her extraordinary triumph, numbers are set to swell at the Wednesday after-school club, with a huge amount of interest sparked in pupils right across Eastwood High.

Julie is planning to 
contest her title when the world championships are next held in 2015, this time in Tokyo.