Marlborough memory lane for special Shed guests


THE Shed may be known for its jumping nightlife these days — but the Shawlands venue is taking a step back in time, starting at lunchtime next week.

A trip down memory lane, back to the building’s roots as the Marlborough, is inspired by the restoration of original architecture within the 1914 community venue. Now, the blue ballroom ceiling will be shown off at a new family entertainment programme running at the club each weekend.

Isobel Barrett, of organiser TRAM Direct, told The Extra: “If you could afford to have your wedding at the Marlborough, you would — it was the place to be.

“The Shed recently decided to revamp bits of the place, and unveiled the beautiful blue ballroom ceiling — an important part of the southside’s heritage.”

Southsiders will soon be able to see for themselves, as TV personality Michelle McManus takes to the stage alongside River City actor Scott Ryan Vickers for Glasgow Chit Chat, a 1pm show running August 10-11 and 17-18 (refreshments included in the cost).

The first trip down memory lane will be attended by a couple with fond memories of the place, as they were married there over 50 years ago.

Isobel added: “We’d love to hear from others with memories of the ballroom, as well as volunteers and any new writers looking to put on a show.

“People have said to me that The Shed is only for clubbers, but we’re trying to move away from that — to open the doors to families too.

“There’s a full programme of events running up to December, and we’re delighted to welcome everyone along.