Malawi trial triathlon for Giffnock duo

Johnny and his son Nathan are squeezing in as much training as they can.
Johnny and his son Nathan are squeezing in as much training as they can.

Kayak 10km, cycle 195 km and climb up a 1974m mountain is a fair challenge for anyone. But to do so in the African heat is above and beyond the call!

For this is the challenge facingGiffnock based Doctor Johnny Edgar (48) and his 17-year-old son Nathan in August.

Father and son got involved with Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society (EMMS) after hearing about the poor state of the Malawian healthcare system. They felt they should do something to help those who are less fortunate than themselves, after being particularly shocked at the incredible levels of childhood poverty.

“We liked the idea of the triathlon challenge as a way of raising money for the EMMS project and the fact that the aims are so specific in this case of raising money to fund an anti-malaria spraying programme in the villagers’ homes” Johnny told The Extra.

The pair have been training extensively by cycling over the Fenwick Moor road and climbing monroes at every opportunity to ensure they are at their peak of fitness for the challenging task ahead.

Johnny said: “Malawi is the poorest country in the world and its healthcare system is chronically underfunded.

“Childhood malaria has a high mortality rate. Our triathlon will go some way to raise money to fund a malaria spraying programme in the villagers’ homes, which can reduce cases of childhood malaria by a huge 75 per cent.

Nathan, a 5th year student at Woodfarm High School told us: “When I read about the poor state of the Malawi healthcare system, it made me realise how lucky we are to have the NHS and what a great service it provides, something the people in Malawi wouldn’t undertsand such are the healthcare challenges in the country.”

Johnny and Nathan are funding their trip to Malawi personally in order that 100 per cent of the money they raise can bu used for its intended purpose - the prevention of malaria, which records believe kill 67 people per thousand.

The intrepid duo have a JustGiving page online at Johnny & Nathans’ TriMalawi. If you’re interested in supporting such a worthy cause login to: