Make a wish come true for Christmas

Charity founder Russell Macmillan hopes to fulfill this year's wish list
Charity founder Russell Macmillan hopes to fulfill this year's wish list

Writing up a wish list to send to Santa? East Renfrewshire Good Causes founder Russell Macmillan is doing the same — but his is addressed to all his neighbours.

The Newton Mearns man launched a pre-Christmas wish list in The Extra last year, asking those with cash to spare to sponsor a good deed the charity hasn’t yet found funding for.

By May this year, the group had fulfilled every item — amounting to £15,000 — on last year’s list, all helped by a cash boost during the festive season.

ER Good Causes specialises in helping the area’s most vulnerable with odd jobs and good deeds — and Russell hopes to make Christmas special for yet more neighbours in need.

Russell — who founded the charity in 2007 as a way of giving back after a life-saving double transplant — told The Extra: “I’m appealing to Extra readers to love some of our own neighbours this Christmas, and ensure that the many good causes — as identified by local teachers and housing, health and social and care workers — get funding for the items they are currently lacking.

“I’m so fortunate to get satisfaction by helping someone else. It’s the best kind of pleasure, and I invite others to join in with me.”

Items included on ERGC’s wish list include a carpet for a house with bare floorboards, where a young carer looks after a disabled single parent and an even younger sibling.

The charity also hope to buy an iPad with specialist software to help a young stroke victim, materials for the Stables Dementia Centre in Eastwood Park and various items to help a cancer patient in need.

Russell added: “Please share the celebration of Christmas with a neighbour in your street. Whether it’s a small, large or ongoing monthly amount, we’ll ensure it’s used in our own East Ren area.

“My thanks to all who make our area such a fantastic, caring place to live.”

To find out more about sponsoring an item on the wish list, or about donating to the charity, call 639 8230, visit or write to ERGoodCauses, 8 Blackfarm Road, Newton Mearns G77 5HT.