Main Street c1900

Nostalgia, Main St, Pollokshaws c.1900
Nostalgia, Main St, Pollokshaws c.1900

The billiards saloon, the sign of which on the left is seen here again, survived until the 1950s.

The pub that became the Maxwell Arms can be seen at the corner of Bengal Street with the vacant space provided for the Co-op building beyond.

Ann Street from the burgh hall to Sir John Maxwell School was extended to Main Street beyond and was renamed Christian Street.

On the right, Dick’s shop, the ornate lamps of which have gone leaving only the supporting gas pipes, is now ‘The Little Wonder’.

It is selling something the lopsided window sign is indicating as ‘Latest ….elt’, is it newspapers on the rack in the doorway, wall paper, or curtain or clothing material?

On the extreme left the shop next to J. Fulton watchmaker seems to be vacant, as indicated by the ‘Shop To Let sign’, only the first letter of which is visible.