LRV bid protesters call in the lawyers

The men behind the proposed incinerator in Newton Mearns are continuing with their plans, despite threat of legal action.

The concerned members of the newly formed East Renfrewshire anti-incinerator group have hired legal firm Brodies LLP to help guide residents through the planning process in relation to the proposed recycling village.

As well as the help of a legal team, the group have also appointed a QC.

Although a planning application has not yet been made following the pre-planning consultation, developer Brian Kilgour say they are set to submit a planning application for what would be Europe’s largest incinerator.

Part of the opposition to plans surrounds the facility’s location, which would be less than a mile upwind from Mearns Primary at Loganswell Farm.

Group spokesman Harry Stewart said: “We are delighted to have help in articulating the community’s objections to these inappropriate and utterly misconceived proposals.

“Our message to Brian Kilgour is that we will do everything it takes and not rest until this blight on our community and threat to the health of our children is dumped”.

Managing director of the Lifetime Recycling Village, Neil Gallacher said: “We have not been contacted by this group, but would welcome the opportunity to engage with them.

“Following consultation we have taken on board feedback and the LRV team are currently revising proposals before submitting a planning application later in the autumn”.

The proposed incinerator complex would be equivalent in size to 27 international rugby pitches and would be topped by fourteen 200 foot tall chimneys.

The developer wants to process 1.5 million tonnes of rubbish onsite, most of which would be burned and would have to be transported by 30-tonne trucks 24 hours a day.

Such is the opposition to the plans, that many professionals in the field, including civil engineers, transport experts, process control consultants and architects have volunteered their services free of charge.

Mr Stewart added: “We need a law firm behind us to strengthen the submission we make to any forthcoming public inquiry or judicial review.

“Despite the range of expertise we can already count on, we also call upon all other professionals who are concerned about the incinerator project to scrutinise it independently and offer us feedback.

“We would like to thank the many individuals and local businesses who have already donated time and money to support us.

“I ask others who want to save our community to make a donation to the campaign, no matter how small, and, if they can, come and join us in this crucial fight for our future”.