LRV: back to basics

THE DEVELOPERS behind plans for a Newton Mearns incinerator are to begin another public consultation — without changing anything about their initial proposal.

If it goes ahead, the plant would be the largest of its kind in Europe and could process around one million tonnes of waste each year.

The initial consultation sparked widespread outrage across East Renfrewshire and a protest march in Newton Mearns, but Lifetime Recycling Village’s managing director hopes this time, local people will be “more understanding of the plans”.

“We won’t be making any drastic changes, we just want to make sure all bases are covered before submitting an application. This will mean another public consultation”.

Mother-of-three and chair of mums against the incinerator, Jessica Eagers-Hardie told The Extra: “As there will not be any substantial change, this means no change to the inherent threat the incinerator poses.

“Any development of this kind, so close to such a large residential area, threatens the health and well being of every resident and specifically our children.

“Unless LRV announce that, instead of an incinerator, they will donate a recycling bin to Green Haggs then we will fight any development they plan”.

Campaigner Ann Henderson, who lives in Loganswell, said: “We as a group are continuing to follow legal processes of other similar applications.

“Our work will continue with all the professional assistance we have until this application has been defeated”.

Activists also confirmed plans to organise another major public event to coincide with the publication of a new proposal of application notice (PAN).

Ken Macintosh — the Eastwood MSP — says LRV should “do the right thing and pull out now”.

“They should publish their plans so we can campaign to have them officially rejected”

“All of us in East Renfrewshire are united against LRV’s proposal for Newton Mearns. This was clearly shown when thousands of local residents joined Jim and me to walk against the incinerator late last year”.

West of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw added: “Nothing the company says is ever stuck to and added to this has been a series of increasingly bizarre claims and counterclaims as to the value of their proposal.

“What has not changed is the bottom line of local public opinion; we do not want this plant, we do not need this plant and the community stand united to see it off”.

Mr Gallacher also confirmed that a proposed site in Barrhead is now off the table.

He said: “A site in Barrhead was once a consideration but we are now looking at sites outside East Renfrewshire”.

Local MP Jim Murphy was yesterday “delighted the developers have backed down on their plans to build in Barrhead”.  People don’t want a waste plant right on their doorsteps and roads would have suffered with hundreds of rubbish lorries passing through the town everyday”.