Lots of boats — lots of Clyde

It was a case, for some, of lazing around by the river while for others it was a tediously long wait.

The flotilla that crammed the famous River Clyde was meant to be passing by the Riverside Museum at 11am.

First up was this CalMac ferry.

First up was this CalMac ferry.

In fact it wasn’t until around 1.20pm that the first ship hoved into view — a CalMac ferry.

But like some prima donna who knows she’s worth waiting for, it was none the less impressive as the spaced-out boats sailed almost elegantly up the river.

It took quite a while for all the boats to pass the iconic museum but for the hundreds, if not thousands, who lined the Clyde’s banks it was well worth the stiffness in the joints and the trying to keep restless children occupied with promises of what was to come.

In the end, more than fifty boats took part in the impressive display.

And, before anyone writes in, aplogies about the misspelling of the word flotilla — it was a long day.