Looking great and feline fantastic

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It is often said of those with pets that dogs have owners while cats have staff — and any cat person will no doubt agree with that sentiment.

For as much as we love them, we get very little back.

They always seem to regard us with a sullen indifference which can border on dislike — if they think of us at all outside meal times.

But we love them and believe our kitty wins hands down in the cutey stakes — no contest.

Well, now there is a contest and you can display your moggy for all to see in Giffnock.

Charity CATFLAP will be holding its Photographic Cat Show on Saturday, October 31 at the Giffnock United Reformed Church Hall, and it is looking for readers to submit photos of their favourite felines.

An annual event, the photo show is an ideal opportunity to see owners’ best pictures of cats, and a fun way to see how former CATFLAP cats are getting on.

It’s also an opportunity to mix and mingle with other cat-minded folk over a cuppa and some delicious home baking.

All monies raised will go towards the charity’s work rescuing and rehoming unwanted cats throughout the Glasgow area.

CATFLAP is always in need of local volunteers and donations. If you would like to get involved or could offer a home to a kitty, call 0777 319 1519 or check them out on Facebook.

The charity will also have a selection of CATFLAP goodies on sale this weekend from cushions, jewellery and Christmas gifts, all of which come with a whimsical cat design or two!