Look into your heart


THIS year Jewish people around the world will celebrate the festival of Chanukah for eight days beginning on Tuesday night (December 20).

We light the Menorah — a nine branch Candlebra with olive oil or candles each night of the Festival. Just the simple act of lighting a Menorah for eight days teaches the soul a deep, wise lesson.

Think about it: on the first day, there are eight empty lamps before you. But you only light one. The next day, you light two and the next day yet another.

All along, you know that eventually you will light them all. So here is what we can learn: we are all lamplighters.

Our job in this world is not just to bring in light, but to make others shine with their own light. Each day, we have to bring in more light than we did the day before. Never stand still, never say, “Now I’ve made it.”

Real growth happens step by step. Some people are waiting for a final, apocalyptic was. But the final war of destruction and doom. It is not fought on battlefields, nor at sea, nor in the skies above. It is not a war between leaders or nations.

The final war is fought in the heart of each human being, such as you and me.

It is fought with the weapons of simple, good deeds and acts of kindness. It is the struggle to fill the world with inner wisdom as the waters cover the ocean floor, to bring the Moshiach and enlighten humankind.

The final war is the battle of Chanukah and the miracle of light. It is happening now and victory lies at the door.

Wishing you all a very happy and bright Chanukah.