Living the lotto dream

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THE dream of millions of people became a reality for one Florida pensioner this week when she won the lottery.

Gloria McKenzie claimed the American Powerball lottery’s highest purse to date, winning $590 million (around £380m).

Her son, Robert, confirmed his mum would be buying a new house with the winnings.

But what would you spend such a large sum of money on?

The Extra took to the streets of Shawlands to find out.

Darnley’s Kathleen and William Heggie have clear ideas about how they would spend the cash.

“Healthcare”, quipped William (64), “because I would definitely have a heart attack as soon as I heard the news.”

Kathleen added: “I don’t think we would buy anything too flashy, just a new house. 
“I could maybe also be tempted to buy a house in Spain or Portugal to get away from the Scottish weather.”

Brian Macdonagh (68) believes a massive windfall wouldn’t change his life too much.

He said: “I like living where I am in Queen’s Park. I’m happy. I couldn’t think what I would spend the money on — it’s too much.”

Elizabeth (55) and Alex (68) Mitchell from Shawlands have different ideas.

Alex told The Extra: “I would buy houses, watches, cars, houses — the lot. The first thing I would get would be a Porsche.”

Elizabeth added: “Living in the south of France would be nice!”

Jalani Hassan is a 45-year-old student from Thornliebank said: “I don’t agree with gambling and never do it so I wouldn’t win the money in the first place.

“However, if I was given that much money, I would give it straight to charity. There are people who need money far more than me.”