Life’s big questions answered on the Monkey Bars

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AH, THE wisdom of youth — or lack thereof, when it comes to the odd night on the Glasgow tiles.

We may be talking about The Arches here — but fortunately, not about those hazy nights every 20-something has had (and regretted).

The city centre venue is going further back than that, asking what happens when adults listen to children as if they’re grown ups, giving their opinions the same attention — and credibility.

It’s a question writer/director Chris Goode poses in Monkey Bars — an exploration of the modern world from another (slightly shorter) perspective.

The sell-out Fringe show is based on interviews with 40 children aged 8-10, on what scares them, moves them, and how they view the big bad world around them.

Turning the idea upside down, Monkey Bars uses their thoughts as performed by a group of adults in grown-up situations — churning out some funny bits and some emotional stuff too.

There are six actors in the swing of things including familiar faces Gwyneth Strong (Only Fools and Horses) and Gordon Warnecke (My Beautiful Laundrette), each taking on modern day life through innocent eyes — and teaching us big people a lesson or two, presumably.

Monkey Bars is on at the Arches on Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov 5-6) from 7.30pm. Tickets are £10-£12, from 565 1000.