Lidl under fire over shopper car damage

Lidl, Victoria Road, Glasgow
Lidl, Victoria Road, Glasgow

A southside woman has vowed never to shop in her local Lidl store ever again after claiming the company ignored her concerns on safety.

Mary Hatch was visiting the Lidl store on Victoria Road and upon leaving found her exit was blocked by several pallets scattered on the ground as a lorry unloaded a delivery.

The lorry refused to move, and Mrs Hatch was forced to try and execute a three-point-turn in a narrow space.

As she executed this manouevre, her attention was diverted by a pedestrian crossing in front of her, and at the same time she heard a bang.

It wasn’t until she got home when she realised there was a large crack in her back window, which she claims could only have been caused by something sticking out of the lorry.

The company agreed to investigate her complaint, but declined to accept liability and refused to provide a copy of the risk assessment for unloading deliveries.

Mrs Hatch then complained to Glasgow City Council who have now confirmed in writing that the company have ‘inadequate control of hazards relating to deliveries’.

They said they are now working with the company over the issues Mrs Hatch raised, but would not rule out future enforcement action if Lidl’s proposals are not satisfactory to the council.

Lidl responded by saying: “We were very sorry to hear of this isolated incident. As a responsible retailer we have thorough procedures in place. Our customer service team are in touch with the customer and have provided the relevant contact details for our insurers, who will carry out an independent investigation.”