Langside recount set for Tuesday

GLASGOW city council has confirmed that the recount for the Langside ward will take place at 4pm tomorrow.

The error took place at the scanning and verification stage of the count.

The ballots were registered and scanned but were not properly entered into the count.

Although the number of ballot papers inside the box is not known, 385 forms were recorded as being issued by the polling station’s presiding officer.

The failure to count these votes cannot have an affect on the election of the first two councillors or the stage at which they were elected.

It may, though, affect the result as far as Green councillor Liam Hainey is concerned.

While the council says there is no reason to believe the third result will be any different, it concedes that if the voting pattern in box 139 differs substantially from the rest of the ward, another candidate could take the seat.

Returning officer George Black has already notified the candidates about the recount.

Mr Black told the candidates: “It is therefore my intention to enter those ballot papers into the system and rerun the calculation to ensure that the result is accurate.

“I am currently investigating how this mistake happened.

“Obviously, I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

“However, as returning officer I am responsible for the running of the election and the count and I want to take this opportunity to apologise to you for any concern this will cause”.

The Extra will keep readers up to date with the result of the recount.