Lane-side just gets better

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THERE was some good news for southside residents when a local eyesore received a going over.

Residents of Valeview Terrace received a grant of £4,000 from Glasgow city council to clear up the small, muddied and pitted back lane connecting the street with Prospecthill Road.

Over the years the lane had been plagued by those antisocial elements who sprayed graffiti, urinated or took drugs in the area.

The surface was in such bad condition that it created access problems for refuse collection.

The local residents association had previously received a grant of £1,800 from the council to erect gates at both ends of the lane, which stopped the antisocial behaviour.

But the state of the surface remained an issue.

Gerry Mullen, chair of the residents association, said: “The grant to resurface the lane was the icing on the cake.

The lane was muddy, uneven and causing real problems for the bin lorries.

“Hampden is a Commonwealth Games venue and we’re keen that visitors coming to the area see it in its best light.

“We’re delighted with the results. It looks so much better and is now fit for purpose.”

The residents association have now created a garden are to commemorate the Battle of Langside.

Langside councillor Archie Graham, executive member for the Commonwealth Games at Glasgow city council, said: “It’s great to see what the residents have done with assistance from the council.

“They have really been the driving force behind getting this completed and the work is a huge improvement for the area.

“It’s great to see residents taking pride in their local environment and working to enhance it for the good of everyone concerned.

“This is a prime example of how we are already seeing a legacy from the Games long before they actually take place.”